What Are the Benefits of Parents Reading to Their Child?

It’s Time to Make Reading a Priority in Your Family

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Reading to your child isn’t just an excellent way to bond, you can also give your child valuable skills that prepare them for success in elementary school and beyond. The best part about reading is that there’s always something exciting and engaging for your child. Irly Bird Kids specializes in i Video Books, interactive books that are educational and enjoyable. Learn more about why you should be reading to your child every day.

Teaches Children About Communication 

Reading to your child from a young age can actually help them understand communication. The more books you read, the more words and sounds that they will be introduced to. They’re even better off the younger you start! You should start reading to your child as early as 4 months old. This can help immensely when your child is ready to speak, they will have better language skills.

Builds Listening, Memory, and Vocabulary Skills

You can help your child build a better vocabulary and listening skills just by reading to them. This is because they are exposed to new words every day, which will expand their understanding of the world around them. Their memory also gets stronger as you read to them over and over again, especially if it’s about a topic that interests them such as animals or science! You can even enhance their listening skills by asking your child questions about the plot and the characters in the book.

Encourages Imagination

Widen your child’s understanding of the world through reading to them every day. Sitting down with them and reading can help stimulate their imagination. They can imagine themselves as a character in their favorite story and even take on the role of the narrator. Reading can open your child up to new ideas and new perspectives, and help them be more creative.

Prepares Them for School and Academics in Their Future

By working with your child now through interactive, educational stories, such as Irly Bird Kids’ iVideo Books, you can give them a head start. Reading to your child often from a young age has been shown to improve their later literacy skills, teach them new words and phrases, and improve cognitive development. Just through reading to your child, you can make a world of difference in their academic success!

Give your child a love for reading and a strong educational foundation by reading to them often. Irly Bird Kids offers iVideo Books, interactive books that can help your child develop and improve their skills. Visit Irly Bird Kids today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your child!