Social & Emotional Learning With Irly Bird Kids

Animated Video Books to Encourage Healthy Development 

As parents, you understand that your child’s development is essential to their success and happiness in life — and you want to do everything that you can to encourage the development of healthy skills. Their social-emotional development lays the groundwork for their ability to pay attention in class, form friendships, work in groups, and self-regulate, which are all crucial to your child leading a happy and healthy life, both personally and academically. 

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What Is Social-Emotional Development?

Social emotional development consists of your child’s ability to control their emotions and behavior, understand the feelings of others, and get along with their peers. Healthy social-emotional development is essential for basic skills such as forming friendships, paying attention, following directions, and demonstrating self-control. Social-emotional skills can play just as a big a part in your child’s learning and development as the academics themselves. 

When Should Social-Emotional Development Begin?

Social-emotional development begins at birth. One of the most important aspects of healthy social-emotional development is the child’s relationship with their parents. A positive, loving, and trusting parent-child relationship creates the foundation for the rest of their social emotional learning to build upon.

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What Types of Skills Does Social-Emotional Development Include?

Social-emotional development is essential to a child’s wellbeing. Some of the main skills that your child can learn include:

  • Self control
  • Self discipline & regulation
  • Positive self image
  • Ability to listen & pay attention
  • Ability to identify & express feelings with words
  • Takes pride in accomplishments
  • Awareness & understanding of others feelings
  • Ability to show affection
  • Shows empathy towards others
  • Ability to establish & maintain relationships and friendships

Animated Video Books to Encourage Social-Emotional Learning

At Irly Bird Kids, we understand the importance of social-emotional development in children. We believe that every child has the right to feel trust, confidence, and pride. That’s why we’ve created a series of animated video books designed to help children explore and discover their emotions, how different situations can make them feel, and understand that they are not alone in the emotions they feel. Our animated video books demonstrate how Irly Bird and his companions handle varying social-emotional situations. Some of our favorite Irly Bird Kids animated video books include:

Image of the cast of the Irly Bird animated video books.

Download the IBK Animated Video Books Today

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