Child receiving Irly Bird Kids STEM Education

" Great Wet Day, but it’s sunshiny all in my soul."

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!”  The Irly Bird Show was great, wonderful, super, awesome, fabulous, terrific,  spectacular, tremendous, brilliant, captivating, inspiring, motivating, memorable, impressive, and soooooooo much more!!!!! As an educator working with young children I know the importance of captivating an audience. The Irly Bird production crew and staff did just that. I know I want the CD. The kids around me thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I had a big ol’ smile plastered on my face from start to finish. Farmer Susie was “all that, a bag of chips AND a Pepsi on the side.” And the dancers……. Wow. Those young people brought enjoyment to the audience. Those barnyard birds really know how to work a stage. The variety and pace was perfect for young children, as well as the incorporation of vocabulary, the written word, and physical activity. Everyone did their homework! Even the pre-show shout outs to the different schools added flavor. The children exposed to Irly Bird Reading Series now have choices, options, and alternatives that they may have never before thought about. I am honored to share the series with my childcare facilities and promote it beyond. All I’m saying is keep up the awesome work!!!"

Patrice Davis

Kershaw County First Steps
Early Childhood Consultant/Trainer


Seven Oaks Elementary
Media Magnet School

SOESMM first graders had fun at the Irly Bird Books STEM show today and are excited about their new books to read!

"SOESMM first graders had fun at the Irly Bird Books STEM show today and are excited about their new books to read!" - Seven Oaks Elementary Media Magnet School
photo collage

Alice Drive
Elementary School

Our second graders visited the Township Auditorium for The Irly Bird STEM Literacy Performance. Our students had a blast!


Just saw the live show on my daughters kindergarten trip and we love it. The teacher was so impressed because the kids are learning so many of the lessons now. 

Kimberly Goodman


The Irly Bird Literacy and STEM Show was great! Had fun with the girls last night. Very interactive, catchy and safe songs, and overall great message. Beautiful platform for kids to get excited about math, science, and reading. #irlybirdliteracyandstem

Jennifer Williams