How To Teach Children about Social and Emotional Learning

Irly Bird Kids Helps Children Develop Important Social-Emotional Skills

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Social and emotional learning is a social cognitive process that helps children develop social skills, regulate emotions, and show empathy. Teaching social-emotional skills to children is important because it will help them be more successful in life, as well as make them happier people. Irly Bird Kids offers a series of children’s iVideo Books that focus on life lessons that teach social and emotional skills. Here are some great ways to help children learn social and emotional skills.

Encourage Journal Writing

A great way to help children express their feelings and emotions is by encouraging them to write in their journals. A child can process their feelings and thoughts from the previous day, or they can focus on a specific prompt. Journal writing can give children a safe, private space to deeply understand their feelings and process their emotions. This practice isn’t just limited to older children either. Preschoolers and kindergarteners can take this time to draw, while still learning important skills.

Build Their Social-Emotional Vocabulary

Sometimes, children are limited in their social-emotional understanding simply because they do not have the words to express how they are feeling. An excellent way to give children the tools to process their emotions is by building up their social-emotional vocabulary. When a child is struggling with their feelings, quip them with phrases such as, “Let me try a different way” instead of “I can’t do it, I give up.” This practice can help children understand how to work through their emotions and resolve the way that they feel. 

Emphasize Group Activities

The foundations of social and emotional learning encourage children to build healthy relationships with others. By encouraging group activities, children can start to make meaningful relationships, by practicing communication, cooperation, and helping others. Even if your child cannot be present with other children on a regular basis, they can still see the benefits of group activities in action in Irly Bird Kids social-emotional series of iVideo Books.

Use Storytime for Teachable Moments

Through reading a variety of stories to children, you have the opportunity to teach social-emotional skills.  One excellent way to do this is by reading the Irly Bird Kids social-emotional learning series of iVideo Books. These books are designed to help children learn skills such as empathy, anger management, and social problem-solving. Each book takes a different approach to social-emotional topics that can be difficult for children to understand. 

Teaching social-emotional learning to children is essential for their long-term development. When you’re searching for ways to teach those skills, reach for the iVideo Book series by Irly Bird Kids. Each book focuses on a new social and emotional skill, important for social-emotional development.  When they’re taught social and emotional learning, they can start developing life skills that will help them become more successful adults in the future.