Give the Gift of STEM!

Give More For Less

This Christmas season, you can give more for less with Irly Bird Kids! Right now, we’ve got rockin’ deals on some of the best STEM education books that we have to offer. For those unfamiliar with STEM, it is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Keep reading to learn more about our awesome STEM education book deals and order yours today!

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Save On the STEM 8-Book Box Set

From now until Christmas Eve (December 24th), you can purchase the 8-pack STEM education books for just $99! This popular set is normally $119, providing you holiday savings of nearly 20%. This Christmas, you can give more for less with our STEM education box set at Irly Bird Kids — order today!

Why Irly Bird Kids STEM Education Books?

At Irly Bird Kids, we take a different approach to STEM education. Rather than lecture and compete for the child’s attention, we implement what we like to call “edutainment.” As the name suggests, we provide books and other content for children that keeps their attention while also familiarizing them with complex STEM topics in a fun and engaging way. Our STEM education books familiarize children with concepts from mathematics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, software development, and much more!

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Give Children a Head Start

On top of being a great Christmas gift that both children and their parents will love, our STEM education books at Irly Bird Education can really give your child a head start on learning. The concepts and ideas that they learn with our edutainment products allow them to go into school already familiar with more advanced concepts than the ones being covered in the curriculum. STEM education books could be the extra push the children in your life need to succeed in school and life.

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Boost Confidence

Our STEM education books at Irly Bird Kids are also great for boosting children’s confidence. Between the competitive advantage they now have in academics, new problem-solving abilities, and the ability to better understand the world around them, it’s easy to see why! This Christmas season, give the gift of confidence with the 8-pack STEM education books!

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Order Today At Irly Bird Kids

This awesome holiday deal is only available for a limited time! If you’re looking for an amazing gift this year, try giving the gift of STEM.