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Can you forward the Irly Bird Kids ivideobooks to others?

No. The ivideobooks are not sharable or downloadable. Each book that is purchased is accessible via an individual login and password.


With what devices are these books compatible?

The Irly Bird Kids ivideobooks are portable and compatible with any laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Your children can read in the car, bus, or simply around the house.


Do you need internet accessibility?

YES. Internet access is required to purchase or stream the ivideobooks.


How do I contact customer support?

To contact the Irly Bird Kidscustomer service department send an email message to info@irlybirdkids.com.


How can we purchase these books?

Visit the Irly Bird Kids Shop. Click Here


What reading or subject criterion is used to evaluate these books?

Each book is evaluated by LEXILE, an educational tool that uses a measure called a Lexile to match readers with books, articles, etc.


What grade level is targeted by each ivideobook?

Each book has been evaluated by LEXILE to determine its reading level, not grade level. The Irly Bird Kids staff recommends the Irly Bird STEM Career series for pre-school through third grade.


How many books are in the STEM SERIES?

Currently, there are 12 books in the STEM career series. Presently, 6 of these books (chemist, mathematician, computer coder, robot builder, veterinarian, and engineer) are available in the ivideobooks format.


Can books in the Irly Bird Kids’ STEM Series help improve my child’s literacy score?

Each book has an accompanying LEXILE score to accurately identify the book’s reading level. Repetitious reading helps children learn sight words, sentence structure, and age-appropriate subject matter.

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