What Are the Benefits of Parents Reading to Their Child?

mother reading to her children

It’s Time to Make Reading a Priority in Your Family Read Irly Bird Kids Books Today! Reading to your child isn’t just an excellent way to bond, you can also give your child valuable skills that prepare them for success in elementary school and beyond. The best part about reading is that there’s always something…

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4 Reasons Why Stem Is Important in Preschool

kids above camera looking into camera

Give Your Child a Head Start with Irly Bird Kids! Read Our STEM Books Today! With the growth in technology and scientific developments, STEM is a key part of a well-rounded education, especially for young children. Irly Bird Kids specializes in writing STEM books for preschoolers that teach foundational knowledge of engineering, coding, and science.…

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How To Teach Children about Social and Emotional Learning

kids learning in class

Irly Bird Kids Helps Children Develop Important Social-Emotional Skills Shop Social and Emotional Learning Series Social and emotional learning is a social cognitive process that helps children develop social skills, regulate emotions, and show empathy. Teaching social-emotional skills to children is important because it will help them be more successful in life, as well as…

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4 Ways Irly Bird Kids Educates and Entertains Your Child

Many kids think that fun and education can’t go hand in hand, but parents have a secret weapon that makes it possible. At Irly Bird Kids, we offer a variety of resources that combine entertainment and education, helping your child learn new skills without even realizing it! In today’s post, we’ll provide you with four…

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4 Best STEM Downloadable Books to Gift

The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your children that are both entertaining and educational, Irly Bird Kids has just what you’ve been looking for! Our downloadable STEM books are the perfect gift. Not only will you save money on wrapping paper, but you won’t have to worry…

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