STEM Impact on Children



supplied to the Jamaica

"For the Vision" Campaign


STEM books

sold in the first year

of operation


Health & Safety

books distributed to children

of incarcerated parents



attended Irly Bird live shows

during our first year

Irly Bird kids Story

Founded in 2017, Irly Bird Kids is a repository of the popular series:

  • Irly Bird Adventure Series
  • STEM Education Series
  • Career and Technical Education Book Series
  • Chief Rooster Safety Series
  • Lias and Manny Social and Emotional Learning Series
  • Ezra and the Bumblebee History and Culture Series.

We use “edutainment” to support learning difficult concepts and careers in an energetic and entertaining environment.

Our Founder

What We Offer

Irly Bird Kids products and services use edutainment to ignite the imagination with entertainment and education.

Our Story

Learn more about the founder and how Irly Bird Kids got started.

Our Standards

Irly Bird Kids products are certified and Lexile evaluated.