4 Ways Irly Bird Kids Educates and Entertains Your Child

Many kids think that fun and education can’t go hand in hand, but parents have a secret weapon that makes it possible. At Irly Bird Kids, we offer a variety of resources that combine entertainment and education, helping your child learn new skills without even realizing it! In today’s post, we’ll provide you with four ways Irly Bird Kids educates and entertains your child. Continue reading below, and explore our website to see what we have to offer!

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It's Mobile

Tired of your child using their tablet or smartphone for just games? Irly Bird can fix that! Irly Bird offers downloadable iVideo Books and more that your kid can download right onto their device, making it easy for them to catch up with Irly Bird when they’re in the car, sitting on the couch, or anywhere they can bring a mobile device!

Makes Screen Time Educational

There’s nothing wrong with giving your child a little screen time every now and then, but wouldn’t it be nice if their screen time was used for educational purposes? Irly Bird Kids offers a variety of books that are both entertaining and educational! The stories will captivate your child and leave them wanting to learn more, but each story has a lesson or highlights a skill that could leave your kiddo curious about what else the world has for them to explore!

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Introduces STEM In a Fun Way

STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, is becoming a huge part of the education system. On their own, these areas of study might not sound very appealing to your child, but at Irly Bird Kids, we’ve worked hard to introduce STEM to your child in a fun way. We have an entire series of downloadable books that features things like robots, computer coding, and so much more. These topics not only sound interesting, but it can also open the door to new opportunities and skills your child may be interested in exploring.

Teaches Emotional Intelligence at a Young Age

Emotional intelligence is an important skill, and not many children have the opportunity to learn it at such a young age. With emotional intelligence, your child can learn how to perceive, understand, and use their emotions. Our downloadable books cover topics in such a way that your child can start to pick up on those cues and develop their awareness and understanding of emotion.

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At Irly Bird Kids, we wanted to create a fun way for kids to explore education. Learn more about the different downloadable books we have to offer, and start shopping Irly Bird for your children today!