4 Best STEM Downloadable Books to Gift

The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your children that are both entertaining and educational, Irly Bird Kids has just what you’ve been looking for! Our downloadable STEM books are the perfect gift. Not only will you save money on wrapping paper, but you won’t have to worry about hiding your gifts from prying eyes, as Santa can easily download the books on Christmas Eve! Continue reading below to learn about four STEM books that would be perfect gifts, or explore the Irly Bird Kids website to see everything we have to offer!

An image of the iVideo Book Irly Bird Meets a Robot Builder.

Irly Bird Meets a Robot Builder

If you have a child who is fascinated by science and technology, this book is for you! In Irly Bird Meets a Robot Builder, Irly Bird discovers a metal bird. He then asks the robot builder how he brings the rooster robot to life. This unique story will captivate your child while also helping them learn about robotics and technology!

Irly Bird Meets a Computer Coder

Computer coding has a reputation for being a skill for hackers, but it can actually be quite useful in everyday life. In Irly Bird Meets a Computer Coder, we follow Little Chick who finds that his computer is suddenly blank and he can’t finish his video games. Irly Bird calls a computer coder who can help fix the computer and save the day!

An image of the iVideo Book Irly Bird Meets a Computer Coder.
An image of the iVideo Book The Eggs Are Stuck! Call the Engineer!

The Eggs Are Stuck! Call the Engineer!

What happens when the eggs get stuck in Big Hen Pen? An Engineer is called to fix the problem! This downloadable book is perfect for kids who love working with their hands, building new projects, and coming up with creative solutions on how to solve problems.

Bad Corn...Call the Chemist!

Most children might think of chemists as a person who works in a lab and mixes chemicals. While that’s part of the job, Bad Corn...Call the Chemist is a story that can help children understand that chemists do so much more! This unique downloadable book will keep your child captivated while they learn more about chemistry and how it relates to food!

An image of the iVideo Book Bad Corn...Call the Chemist.

The search for the perfect gift for your children is over! Irly Bird Kids has the perfect selection of STEM downloadable books and more that your kids will love. Start making your list and checking it twice because Santa has got Christmas gifts covered!